Remarkable pictures from the Iceland volcano tonight

THE Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland looks beautiful tonight during a trek up the mountain with guide Albert Armannsson.

Spewing lava lights up the night just after 11pm, as the volcano shows little sign of slowing down the drama taking place.

I’ll let the pictures, all taken during a live streamed trip on with the site’s ‘Postcard’ facility, tell the story…

It’s Albert’s second volcano tour of the day on the live streaming platform, having previously visited by daylight.

On the earlier tour, the towering black wall of the lava field was the main attraction, but as night fell Mother Nature revealed her true colours in this land of fire and ice.

Albert has become something of an online legend since his first visit to the volcano last month. You can read about his earlier exploits here and here.

Heygo offers live real time streamed tours with local guides for free, although you can tip the guides if you want. For upcoming trips see

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  1. Wow, Iceland is so beautiful, what a natural force! Make sure you enjoy a natural hotspring or two whilst there too 😉.


  2. Albert & The Volcano just keeps on giving.


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