Guests get free unexpected flight 1,500ft above the Iceland volcano

INTREPID Icelandic tour guide Sigurður Albert Armannsson – the man who walked up a volcano with 800 people on his back – tonight went one better.

The 65-year-old former teacher took a new party of 800 virtual guests OVER the Fagradalsfjall volcano in a light aircraft, flying 1,500 feet above the dramatic lava flows.

Guests who booked on to his scheduled walk to the volcano at 6pm instead found themselves on the tarmac at Reykjavik airport, boarding a small four-man plane.

Then it was up, up and away on a FREE hour-long live streamed flight serving up spectacular views of the three volcanic vents spewing out flame and gas below.

Hours earlier, authorities had clamped down on visitors to the area after the opening of a third vent, leading to fears for public safety.

It came on the day that online streaming service virtualtrips rebranded as heygo, giving the platform an unexpected surprise launch bonus.

“This was very definitely easier than walking,” quipped Albert, who announced that he plans to trek on foot to the location again tomorrow.

You can read about Albert’s earlier volcano adventure here. For his latest tour schedule head to Trips are free to join but you can leave a tip for the guides.

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  1. Albert is Truly Amazing, I was booked on the later tour but it was cancelled, now rescheduled for Wednesday but I think it will be a walking tour,

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