First look at Disney Wish cruise ship’s magical Grand Hall

THE wraps finally come off Disney’s new cruise ship this week – but here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store as you set foot onboard.

Disney Wish will boast an atrium like no other. Described as the ship’s Grand Hall, it will put guests in mind of an enchanted castle.

Think Beauty and the Beast, with Gothic, Baroque and French Rococo themes plus, of course, one of the most spectacular chandeliers at sea.

And, should there be any doubt, there’s a statue of Cinderella at the ball.

“The Grand Hall is Disney Cruise Line’s castle on the seas,” says Evily Peros, at Disney Signature Experiences.

“It’s an enchanted realm where glittering trails of pixie dust climb majestic three-storey columns, spill across the ceiling and animate the shimmering chandelier above with an effusive burst of magic.

“The chandelier is the manifestation of wishes come true – a swirling spiral of crystal gems punctuated with light, its crown jewel a wondrous wishing star.

The original concept art for the Grand Hall

“At the base of a grand staircase, beneath the glow of the wishing star, will stand the personification of wish fulfilment herself: Cinderella. 

“The Grand Hall will be the enchanted gateway to everything that awaits on board the Disney Wish: fairytale worlds, heroic challenges, epicurean indulgences, thrilling adventures, galactic encounters, peaceful escapes and so much more.”

Elsewhere onboard, then, expect to see characters representing the full range of franchises: Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

Outside, Disney Wish continues the tradition of incorporating elegant, classical lines – a tribute to the golden age of cruising – in the colours of Mickey Mouse.

But this time he doesn’t get all the glory. Artwork on the bow, an intricate scrollwork pattern reminiscent of the classic ocean liners of the 1930s, will feature Captain Minnie Mouse for the first time.

The stern, meanwhile, will boast a custom sculpture of Rapunzel. Suspended by her golden tresses, she will appear to be “decorating” the exterior of the ship with her trusty paintbrush and the help of chameleon pal, Pascal.

“The design of the Disney Wish centres around enchantment,” says Evily Peros. “Enchantment is the special ingredient that brings the worlds of Disney films to such rich and vibrant life.

“Translating this concept into a design theme provides Imagineers with an unparalleled platform to infuse Disney storytelling into the cruise experience, giving the Disney Wish a completely new look unlike anything at sea.

“How this motif is expressed throughout the design will be as much a reflection of the ship’s distinctive personality as of the wide range of stories represented on board, from Disney and Pixar to Marvel and Star Wars.”

Full details of Disney Wish, due to set sail in Summer 2020, are being unveiled in a special video presentation on the Disney Parks blog on Thursday April 29.

A virtual look round starts at 11am ET (that’s 4pm British Summer Time, folks) and will be hosted by Disney Line’s Cruise Director Ashley Long.

Meanwhile, head over to Disney Cruise Line’s dedicated Disney Wish page for more details of dates, destinations and more.

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