Dramatic Northern Lights pictures snapped by Iceland tour guide

LOVING the latest Northern Lights photos from Icelandic guide Albert Armannsson, taken as he returned from leading a tour out at Diamond Beach and Glacier Lagoon.

Reykjavik-based Albert is an in-demand guide who is no stranger to regular readers of this blog, now primarily leading face-to-face tours in his homeland after live-streaming trips online.

He rapidly became a firm favourite on streamer Heygo, famously bringing users live trips up to the Fagradalsfjall volcano, and even hired a private plane to fly over the eruption.

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“I was returning from a tour to the Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach with Reykjavik Excursions when they put on quite the show,” says Albert, who snapped the aurora pictures on Monday night.

“Now is a good time for Northern Lights sightings. Some more attempts to catch them will be coming up soon, but not with more than a day’s notice due to the changeable weather.”

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Albert came down with coronavirus during the pandemic but fought back to health, and resumed his successful guiding career as lockdown eased and in-person tours opened up again.

He plans also to offer more tours on the Heygo online platform soon, helping showcase Iceland’s natural splendour to those unable to make the journey themselves.

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If you want to arrange an in-person tour with Albert, contact him on Facebook and Instagram, searching for alberttourguideiceland. For upcoming online tours with Heygo, see www.heygo.com.

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