Saturday Snapshot: Brixham, Devon

TODAY’S Saturday Snapshot was taken last year on one of many visits to the bustling fishing port of Brixham in Devon. I just loved the vibrant colour contrasts in the nets on the seawall.

Famous for fish and the colourful picture postcard houses lining the harbour, Brixham is one of the busiest fishing ports in the UK and boasts some of the finest seafood you’ll find anywhere.

There are several eateries worth trying but, d’you know, nothing quite beats fish and chips out on the harbour wall, with the sight of bobbing boats, the salt tang of the sea, the smell of drying nets, and the cries of hungry seagulls overhead.

It’s not all about fish here, though. There’s a range of art galleries showcasing local artists, visiting exhibitions and gifts you won’t find elsewhere.

The town also boasts a museum and a replica of the Golden Hind, Sir Francis Drake’s famous flagship, at the quayside – and there are all manner of boat trips to be had in humbler craft.

I’ll be back next time I’m heading back down to the English Riviera.

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