Faroe Islands to host 007 No Time To Die location tours

IT’S FAROE. Faroe Islands. The remote rocky outcrops feature in the finale of new James Bond movie No Time To Kill – and now fans have been handed a licence to thrill.

Tourism chiefs in the Faroes have unveiled special 007 site sightseeing tours ahead of the Bond blockbuster – Daniel Craig’s superspy swansong – opening this Summer.

The tours take in all the No Time To Die filming locations in the Faroe Islands, particularly Kalsoy, with its dramatic cliffs and precariously perched Kallur lighthouse.

Picture: Visit Faroe Islands

You’ll meet your tour guide in the town of Klaksvík on Borðoy island in the northern part of the Faroes, then cross the Kalsoyarfjørður strait in a boat before you get to Kalsoy island.

When you land on Kalsoy, you’ll be driven along twisting roads and through narrow tunnels to the northern part of the island, which sits in deep valleys amid awe-inspiring settings.

Besides stepping into the Bond sites, you’ll have a peaceful moment in Djúpidalur (it means, aptly enough, Deep valley) with its steep mountainsides.

You’ll also see the sealwoman statue in Mikladalur and venture to the lighthouse perched at the edge of the steep Kallurin cliff in the very northernmost part of Kalsoy island.

Picture: Visit Faroe Islands

But there’s more to it than the film locations. Fans can step inside  a cosy traditional house Nýggjastova in the village of Trøllanes, where the film crew prepared their shots.

There’ll be stories from the filming and, as a bonus, you’ll hear legendary stories that have been kept in the village for centuries.

No Time To Die is the Covid-delayed twenty-fifth instalment in the 007 series, and the first to include scenes shot in the Faroes. Craig says it will be his final farewell to the role.

The Kalsoy scenes arrive in the third and final act of the movie, with the cinematic climax set on the island. The film is finally due for UK theatrical release on September 30, 2021.

Kallur Lighthouse is one of the most sought-after attractions in the Faroe Islands, and only a limited number of travellers are allowed on the island at the same time.

If travelling independently, you need to take a ferry from nearby Borðoy island. The vessel carries fewer than 100 people and no more than 14 to 15 cars, sailing between four and eight times daily.

For full details and prices of the Kalsoy Bond sightseeing trips take a look at the official website here.

The Faroes are also home to a remarkable road island 600 feet below the Atlantic that would make a brilliant Bond location. See the amazing pictures and story about its construction here.

The Faroese Government recently eased travel restrictions to the Faroe Islands but check the latest official advice here.

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