Heygo virtual travel Postcard Puzzle #7 (and all the answers)

THE fast-growing Heygo Voyagers Facebook community has smashed through the 10,000 member mark and the popularity of the online virtual travel platform shows no sign of slowing down.

To celebrate, all this week I’ve been posting a ‘postcard’ screenshot snapped on one of the many trips I’ve taken with Brit-based Heygo since it was launched during the first year of the pandemic.

Your challenge is to work out where in the world it is. Post your answers here or in the link on my Facebook Voyagers post. There are no prizes – it’s just for fun – but let’s see how you get on!

If you need a clue, then this place is a real gem.

Heygo offers free-to-join real time virtual trips with local guides at destinations all around the world, complete with live chat with those on the tour, and a postcard snapshot facility.

How did you do? Here are the week’s answers:

#1: Red Square, Moscow

#2: Phu Quoc, Vietnam

#3: North Base Camp, Mount Everest

#4: Sigiyria (Lion Rock), Sri Lanka

#5: Lhasa, Tibet

#6: Los Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

#7: Diamond Beach, Iceland

Check out latest trips available at heygo.com.

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