Watch how Banksy pulled his spraycation bus stop stunt

THERE’S no need to make a song and dance about pandemic staycations – unless you’re graffiti artist Banksy, that is.

Crowds are flocking to see the Bristol mystery man’s new murals dotted across seaside resorts on the east coast of England.

They include a seagull hovering over oversized chips (made from insulation material) in a skip and a young boy digging up the street to make a sandcastle.

But the star of the show is a stunning piece in Admiralty Road, Great Yarmouth, in which a couple dance atop a bus shelter, accompanied by a man playing an accordion.

And before you ask ‘How on earth did he do that without anyone noticing?’ the answer is partially revealed in the video he has posted on his Instagram account.

Titled ‘A Great British Spraycation’ it follows him on his weekend tour – in a beaten up camper van loaded with cans of spray paint – always being careful not to reveal his identity.

Although the new artworks have met with appreciative acclaim, not everyone is a fan.

Yobs painted over his picture of a rat relaxing in a deckchair with a cocktail within hours of its existence being revealed.

The bus stop mural should be safer. Local councillors say it will be protected with an anti-glare screen, so people can still come along and take photos.

So far, his holiday tour has taken in Lowestoft in Suffolk and Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Cromer and King’s Lynn, all in Norfolk. But there’s no telling where he might strike next.

Banksy also painted seafaring kids on a bridge and secretly wrote “Go Big Or Go Home” on the side of a tiny building in Merrivale Model Village.

Earlier this year the artist raised more than £16.6 million for health projects with the auction of a painting titled Game Changer, which appeared at Southampton Hospital during the first wave of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, read about Banky’s secret Venice masterpiece here.

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