Tennis ace Roger Federer is the new face of Swiss tourism

TENNIS legend Roger Federer is to serve up new travel treats – after becoming the new face of Swiss tourism.

Federer, who has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles, has signed up as official ambassador to Switzerland Tourism.

It is being described as the perfect match as the country battles back from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nobody is more equipped to help than Swiss icon Federer, perhaps the best-known player on the planet.

“I have always felt, whenever I step on the court, I am representing Switzerland,” says the 39-year-old, who was born in Basel.

The hero shot for the partnership

“Whenever it says my name, there is a Swiss flag next to it. 

“I have been very proud to do that for the first 22 years I have been on tour, and it will always be like that.

“I have been all over the world. My favourite place has always remained Switzerland. It’s the country I miss the most, when I’m travelling.”

The first fruit of the partnership is a selection of Federer’s favourite Swiss holiday destinations, highlighted here.

Guests can discover Switzerland through his eyes as he presents his preferred places, including Swiss highlights and hidden gems.

Martin Nydegger, chief executive of Switzerland Tourism, says: “This is a perfect match, because Switzerland and its unblemished nature have clearly contributed to Roger’s unprecedented career.

“Establishing this partnership is a unique opportunity and of great importance to us. Switzerland Tourism and Roger Federer share countless values.”

It is good news for charity, too, because compensation for his appearances as the new ambassador goes to the Roger Federer Foundation, supporting disadvantaged children in Switzerland.

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