Former Heygo guides to set up new travel tour stream website

GUIDES left high and dry by the sudden collapse of online travel streamer Heygo are to set up their own website to help armchair travellers access real time live tours.

A new site is expected to be up and running within six weeks, under a new name to be chosen by consultation between the tour guides themselves and users of the platform.

The initiative follows the success of a loose collective formed by York tour guide John Wright in the wake of Heygo’s closure, and which has already attracted more than 50 high-profile guides.

John Wright, All Points North

Heygo ceased operation on April 11 after more than three years of offering online trips led by local guides, citing financial difficulties despite a $20 million investment by tech companies.

John, founder of All Points North, says: “We have got to a pretty decent place from where we were when Heygo pulled the plug and, although there are still issues to be resolved, it can only get better.

“We had a really good guides’ collective meeting and we are all now committed to developing a website, and hopefully you will see something in four to six weeks’ time.

The current collective calendar

The collective currently maintains a basic calendar to which guides can add dates and details of online tours they are currently offering on various platforms including YouTube and Facebook.

“What we have built so far is a temporary solution, using freeware, and it’s not been perfect for everybody,” adds John. “A website will help, with a better experience, especially around the calendar of tours.”

Since Heygo’s collapse, many of the most popular guides have continued to offer live-streamed or recorded video tours, usually for a small fee similar to the tips previously suggested by the streamer.

Seminyak Beach, Bali with guide Stephan van der Meer

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Next on the agenda is a name for the new site. “We are trying to make sure that the name is imbued with our values,” says John, “something which reflects what we are doing collectively as an audience and as guides. We’re trying to find the sweet spot.”

The collective plans to draw up a shortlist of names and then put the options out to users for feedback. “It would be lovely to have something we arrive at collectively, rather than being imposed,” he explains.

“We are surveying users to see what they might expect from a website, and there are lots of exciting things in the pipeline.”

Meanwhile, the new Facebook group linked to the collective under the banner Live Virtually – See The World is continuing to grow at a rapid rate and has already attracted more than 4,500 members.

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Lead image: Dunas da Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, with guide Stephan van der Meer, who is backing the new collective.

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