Bond died here, now Faroes give new life to Peter Pan & Wendy

BOND met his explosive end here, his passing marked by a remote mountain gravestone, so here’s hoping Peter Pan might have better luck in the fantastic Faroe Islands.

After playing a starring role in Daniel Craig’s 007 swansong No Time To Die, the Faroes has attracted movie-makers back for the big budget Peter Pan & Wendy fantasy film, which drops on April 28.

Many Neverland scenes in the Disney+ re-imagination of the story of the boy who refuses to grow up were filmed on the wild North Atlantic islands 260 miles north of the Scottish coast.

Image: Tom Archer – @tomarcherphoto

Locations include Trælanípa, a perpendicular rock wall which juts 142 metres upwards out of the sea. In the movie you’ll see Peter jumping off the edge of the precipice towards the flying ship – the image at the head of this post.

From here, you can see the southernmost part of the islands of Streymoy, Hestur, Koltur, Sandoy, Skúvoy and Suðuroy.

Image: Atlantic Airways

More scenes were shot at Risin and Kellingin, two towering sea stacks close to Eiði, known locally as “The Giant & the Witch”, after two legendary characters who met their comeuppance here.

Sent from Iceland to steal the Faroes and drag them back to their homeland, they were husband and wife creatures of the night who were unceremoniously turned to stone when struck by sunlight, foiling the island theft.

Image: Visit Faroe Islands

Another location featured in the movie is Mykines Island, regarded as one of the most sacred places in the Faroes, and home to a large, and ecologically important, colony of puffins.

The first puffins arrive in early May, coming onto land around mid-June. Pufflings hatch out of the eggs in July and by the end of August most of the puffins have headed back to sea.

Image: Alessio Mesiano

Visit Faroe Islands Director Guðrið Højgaard says: “It’s wonderful for the Faroes to be part of this children’s timeless classic, helping to inspire children with a sense of adventure for another generation to discover the Faroe Islands from a new perspective.”

As well as a filming location, the Faroe Islands are extremely hospitable, with locals offering authentic accommodation and intimate dining experiences in their own homes.

The Faroese have a word for such home hospitality – ‘heimablídni’ – and some of the Disney film crew and production team stayed in the seaside village Sørvágur on Vágar Island during filming.

The roles of Peter Pan & Wendy in the new movie go to newcomer Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson, while other stars include Jude Law as Captain Hook and Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell.

Peter Pan & Wendy debuts on Disney+ on Friday April 28. For tourism and travel advice about a stay on the Faroes head to the Visit Faroe Islands website. Main image © Disney+ 

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