Keeping iconic war planes spick and (wing) span at RAF Museum

SPRING cleaning can be a pain. There are always those corners that prove tough to reach – but, believe me, they’ve got nothing on the challenges faced by the cleaners at the RAF Museum Midlands.

These remarkable pictures show the team at work, dusting down aircraft suspended 100ft up in the air from the ceiling of a hangar at the museum’s RAF Cosford base in Shropshire.

Eight iconic aircraft including a mighty Vulcan bomber have had to be given a light dusting down as part of the annual clean and inspection regime to keep them spick and (wing)span.

Other planes getting a Spring clean include a Canberra, Hunter, Meteor, Lightning, Javelin, Dakota and Sabre.

Specialist dustbusters Rappel used ropes and harnesses to wipe the aircraft with soft fibre mops and inspect the cables from which the planes dangle like giant Airfix models.

But these are all the real deal at the museum, which houses many historic aircraft and which remarkably offers free admission, although charges apply for some additional attractions inside.

To see what’s on display, take off to the official website. All pictures in this post courtesy RAF Museum.

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