Watch all three of Roger Federer’s ace comedy tourism videos

TENNIS legend Roger Federer has teamed up with funnyman Trevor Noah for an ace comedy TV ad to promote the virtues of a grand train tour of his Swiss homeland.

It’s the third ad that the record-breaking Wimbledon champion has made for Switzerland Tourism and follows fun films he shot previously with Hollywood A-listers Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro.

I’ve collected all three of them together in this post so you don’t have to go searching!

In the latest ad Roger and Trevor mistakenly take the wrong train during a video shoot and end up travelling through some spectacular scenery on the way to Interlaken.

There’s a priceless moment when a young boy spots them, and sheepishly asks Trevor for a picture – then promptly hands the comedian his phone so he can have a selfie with Roger instead.

Comedian Trevor, currently on a world tour, is also a best-selling author, producer, and philanthropist – and, like Roger Federer, is half Swiss, half South African.

The team behind the camera is first-class, too: the film was directed by the British director Tom Hooper, who won an Oscar for his movie The King’s Speech back in 2011.

Last year’s ad, with Anne Hathaway, picked up plaudits at Cannes, where it was recognised as the most successful tourism advertising spot worldwide. It has had 103 million views to date.

And in 2021’s naughty but nice No Drama film, Roger Federer lost his customary cool and co-star Robert De Niro dropped the F-bomb to hilarious effect.

The new Grand Train Tour ad comes as tourism bosses make a new Swiss Travel Pass special offer. From April 15 to May 14, 2023, travellers can get up to two additional travel days for free.

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