Watch Mona Lisa come to life in cheeky new travel ad campaign

THEY say every picture tells a story – and Mona Lisa is no exception as she comes to life in a cheeky campaign to encourage holidaymakers to discover the delights of Denmark.

“Well, hello dear tourist. While I appreciate the attention, let’s be honest: standing in line for hours just to see me is not exactly the most exciting way to spend your holiday,” she says.

And she’s not alone.

Other iconic paintings such as Girl With the Pearl Earring, Van Gogh’s self-portrait, and The Scream all leap into life too, with the message: “Don’t come see me. Visit Denmark instead…”

The Statue of Liberty even gets in on the act.

Quite apart from the funny side, the ad is ground-breaking, using state-of-the-art tech to deliver the masterpieces’ messages. It’s deepfake filming, with a script written entirely by AI.

“Don’t be a tourist – be an Explorist,” implore the folks at Visit Denmark. It’s very clever but you’d expect nothing less from the country where LEGO was invented.

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