Now you can visit real new cruise ship – in video game Fortnite

YOU’RE about to drop out of the flying battle bus – but where to land in video game phenomenon Fortnite? Well, how about a real-life cruise ship for a sneak peek before she’s launched?

Cruise lines are ever in search of younger audiences to grow along with them – and Royal Caribbean has hit on the idea of letting Fortnite players loose on new ship Icon of the Seas.

Although the ship won’t launch until 2024, players can get on board right now in a mini-game titled Royal Caribbean: Hide ‘N’ Sea, set in Thrill Island and The Hideaway, two of the ship’s zones.

Here, they can play amid the bright colours of Category 6, billed as the largest waterpark at sea, and Crown’s Edge, a skywalk and ropes course suspended 154 feet above the sea.

They can play in The Hideaway Pool – the first suspended infinity pool at sea – ride surf simulator Flowrider, and tee off at the Lost Dunes mini-golf course.

Players can be seekers, or become props to hide from pursuers. To win you’ll have to successfully hide or find all the props in seven minutes – or collect all 25 coins as a hider.

While Fortnite is primarily about shoot-to-kill battle action, the Icon of the Seas mini-game is focusing more on a less violent hide and seek experience – so there’ll be no cruise ship carnage.

Kara Wallace, Senior Vice President of Royal Caribbean International, explains: “Younger travellers are playing a big role in choosing holiday plans.

“With the Royal Caribbean: Hide ’N’ Sea Fortnite Map, families can now see, touch and experience some of Thrill Island and The Hideaway, revolutionary additions exclusive to Icon of the Seas.”

The maritime mini game is available across all usual Fortnite platforms, including smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and desktop computers.

To play, you have Fortnite already, or download the game and create a free account, then enter the code 2569-9622-8657 on the Discover screen.

At the moment, Icon of the Seas – the first of the new class – is set to sail on her real-life maiden voyage in January 2024. 

To keep up to date with the progress of the new ship, itineraries and more, set sail to

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