The World Cruise that sails the globe for a full THREE YEARS

I HAVE sailed on many cruises over the years, ranging from a three-day jaunt to France up to the three week-plus first leg of a world cruise, from Southampton across the Atlantic to the Azores and Caribbean, then via the Panama Canal to San Francisco.

And, yes, I’ve looked at the whole world cruise itineraries on offer, some of them involving as long as five months at sea, visiting anything up to 40 countries along the way. But they’ve just been dwarfed by a new voyage on the market.

Because MV Gemini’s world cruise lasts for almost THREE YEARS. Yes, you read that right. It’s a staggering 1,095 days in one go.

Launched by the aptly named Life At Sea Cruises, the medium-sized ship – she can host up to a modest 1,074 passengers in 400 cabins – will visit 375 destinations in 135 countries on seven continents.

Guests are promised the opportunity to view 13 of the 14 Wonders of the World. You’re in this one, quite literally, for the long haul, and you’ll need deep pockets for the top suites.

“Life at Sea offers an extensive package that includes almost everything you will need for your adventure,” says the cruise line. “Customise your experience even further by adding additional services such as salon and spa services and shore excursions.”

Sailing from Istanbul on November 1 this year, with later pick-ups in Barcelona and Miami, a standard inside cabin costs over £25,000 per person per year, based on two sharing. That’s £150,000-plus for your room for the full three years.

There are several stateroom upgrades available, all the way up to a large luxury balcony suite, which can be booked for over £92,000 per person per year – adding up to more than £552,000 per room for the full cruise.

There will be the opportunity to stay multiple days at many of the ports visited and, unusually, you can invite family and friends to visit you for free during the cruise. 

From Istanbul, the Gemini sails round the Greek Islands, to Israel and Egypt before cruising around the Med, across to Miami then around the Caribbean before heading out into the wider world.

Ports of call are in Europe; Iceland; North, Central and South America – including Alaska and Hawaii – Antarctica; the Pacific islands; Australia and New Zealand; the South China Sea; Japan; North and South Asia and Africa.

About the only places missing are East Coast USA, Greenland, the Middle East and Russia.

Pricing is all-inclusive, taking in all the usual food, soft drinks and entertainment you might expect, plus alcohol with dinner, use of a state-of-the-art spa and wellness centre.

If you can’t afford all that time away from work, then there’s a Business Centre with high-speed StarLink internet, a variety of offices you can use and rooms for Zoom conferences.

Also included are medical appointments at the onboard ship’s comprehensively-equipped hospital, complete with free stateroom visits from 24-hour on-call medics and nurses.

Not included are alcohol outside of dinner, permanent office space, shore excursions, spa services, any medical procedures and medicine, and some seasonal premium services onboard.

To see an interactive Google Earth cruise itinerary click here. For full info about the cruise and ship’s facilities, set sail for the Life At Sea website. Itinerary images from Google Earth/Life At Sea.

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  1. I had no idea that there was even such a thing as a three year cruise! It seems like a great trip to take in retirement. I better start saving up!

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