Gorgeous pictures of Swiss hotel set to host eco Race For Nature

LOVING these images of the Grand Hotel Arosa in Switzerland, which will soon be hosting Race For Nature, a three-day event with a focus on sustainability.

The Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa, to give the place its full name, looks stunning as night begins to fall across the mountainside on the edge of the Arosa forest.

With an award-winning spa and its own private railway, which looks like something out of a Bond movie, the hotel will play host to the eco-event from March 15 to 18.

Nature conservation organisations and forward-thinking companies, as well as open-minded guests, will come together in Arosa to engage in what is expected to be lively dialogue, inspirational speeches and a gala dinner.

Supported by former World Cup skiers such as Maria Walliser Anesini, Erika Reymond-Hess, Brigitte Oertli and Didier Cuche, guests will also take to the slopes for a ski race – with the aim of raising more than £220,000 for conservation.

Learn more about the event here. Images: The Tschuggen Collection / MySwitzerland.com

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