Stunning shot scoops Underwater Photographer of the Year crown

THIS is the beautiful photo that captures a playful pink river dolphin peeking above the waters of the Amazon to see what all the fuss is about – and it’s a worldwide winner.

Titled Boto Encantado, the shot has scooped Stateside photographer Kat Zhou double success in the prestigious Underwater Photographer of the Year 2023 Awards.

Kat, who won both the overall award and the Up-and-Coming section, says: “There’s a legend among locals in the Amazon that river dolphins, or “botos”, can transform into handsome men known as “boto encantado” at night to seduce women.

“Although I did not witness this elusive boto transformation, at dusk I was enchanted by these beautiful mammals in a different way. Alhough the water was so dark that I was shooting blind, this dolphin gave me a perfect pose and smile!”

Judges said: “In dark, tannic waters, Zhou has created a striking composition capturing this rarely photographed and endangered species in a precision composition.

“This is by far the best image we’ve ever seen of this species, whose numbers are declining at an alarming rate. It is appropriate that the Amazon, as the world’s mightiest river, has produced our overall winner.”

The awards each year offer a platform to photography captured beneath the surface of oceans, lakes, rivers – and even occasionally swimming pools.

More than 6,000 pictures were entered by underwater photographers from 72 countries. You can see the wonderful winners gallery here or download the free Yearbook here.

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