Judge for yourself – boutique bolthole used to be Crown Court

PICKING the perfect break bolthole can be a matter of trial and error but the verdict looks promising at a Cheshire hotel that used to be … a Crown Court.

Knutsford Crown Court dispensed justice for 200 years, and was infamously where Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing was scandalously convicted of gross indecency in 1952.

But now the jury’s no longer out because the historic building has been transformed into a luxury hotel, wedding and events venue that has been picking up plaudits.

You can be wined and dined in the actual courtroom where miscreants learned their fate and sleep in nine uniquely designed bedrooms that used to be the interrogation suite.

The Courthouse is the brainchild of entrepreneur brothers Oliver and Dominic Heywood, who bought the place after the Ministry of Justice decided to sell the crown court back in 2010.

Now, the Grade II-listed building – part of the Flat Cap Hotels group – has just undergone 12 months of extensive renovations combining traditional architecture with contemporary design.

Whilst giving a nod to the iconic building’s past use, with its domed skylight and extraordinary features from the judge’s dock, there’s also an industrial vaulted bar and olive grove.

The new bar boasts Flat Cap mixologists and foodie experts to enhance all-day dining; there are bottomless brunches on Saturdays and new live music weekends. Throughout February there’s 30% off food when tables are booked online.

Meanwhile, the bedrooms boast floor-to-ceiling canopy beds, original fireplaces, distinctive decor detail and rainforest showers. And for weddings and special events, the historic court architecture dresses up well for photo opps galore.

Judge for yourself at The Courthouse website and booking portal.

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