Destination spa hotel offers new wellness therapy with HORSES

VISIT any high line hotel spa and you’ll be presented with an exhaustive list of treatments designed to soothe body and soul, ranging from simple massages to seaweed wraps.

I was once even blasted by a high-pressure saltwater hose during a stay at a St Lucia wellness destination. But my guess is that you won’t expect to find HORSES on the mindfulness menu.

Image: Ignacio Alvar-Thomas/Selman Marrakech

Yet that’s exactly what’s on offer this year at the Selman Marrakech. The luxury Moroccan hotel is launching Equitherapy – personal development sessions with thoroughbreds.

The palatial hotel, of course, is already renowned for its Arabian stallions, and has been offering guests private visits to its School of Equestrian Arts, stud farm and stables for some time.

But the new initiative goes further.

Guests are offered a personal development workshop where the horse acts as a companion to psychological and spiritual development, thanks to its ability to connect with humans.

Organisers explain: “Equitherapy offers you the power to find your true nature through the teachings of the horse. Learn to live in harmony with nature and animals but, above all, with yourself.

“Reconnect to your true nature, with the horse as a mirror to your soul. Be guided by this powerful, yet fragile, animal who will accompany you and lead you to understand your inner workings.

“This experience is known to help overcome anxieties, lack of confidence and help both stress management and emotional control. The horse acts as a catalyst for development.”

Each session will take place in a paddock with the horse, accompanied by an expert guide, and no riding is involved, nor is any experience of horses or riding necessary.

Guests will learn how to gain the horse’s attention; to build a relationship of trust, and how to control yourself, your feelings and your stress in front of the horse, amongst other activities.

Guided meditation will complete the session, further enhancing relaxation, wellbeing and confidence. It is, the hotel says, unique in Morocco and an an addition to its exclusive Chenot Spa.

Selman Marrakech boasts 50 rooms, five suites and five private villas designed to reflect Moroccan culture, with refined textures, fine fabrics and traditional furnishing. Four restaurants and two bars have been designed by Jacques Garcia.

Equitherapy costs £104 a head for 45 minutes or £177 for a 90-minute extended session also including meditation. For more on the hotel and its facilities see

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