Wanted: Gardener to look after idyllic island, no qualifications needed

WANTED: Head Gardener for a secluded Channel Island where cars and bikes are banned, there are only 65 residents and visitors include dolphins, seals and puffins.

Islands of Guernsey has launched a search to fill the dream job on the idyllic island of Herm, just over a mile wide, only 2,850 ft wide, and teeming with natural beauty and wildlife.

The successful applicant’s role will include taking care of the woodlands and grasslands around the island, where sandy coastal cliff pathways overlook white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

The job description says he or she will “be responsible for the upkeep of the green areas and gardens of the island, including woodlands, allotments, greenhouses, hedges and grasslands.”

Key tasks also include managing the gardening budget, the organisation and facilitation of garden tours for visitors, and managing the gardening team.

No qualifications are required, but the successful applicant will have three to five years in a similar role, an extensive knowledge of plants and a proven track record of land management.

He or she will have good leadership and communication skills, excellent organisation and time management, basic IT skills and a positive attitude.

It’s said to come with a competitive salary based on experience, a performance bonus scheme, accommodation, free family boat travel between Guernsey and Herm, and island shop discounts.

The commute to work is just a one to 10-minute walk, and a very low crime rate means life is safe and secure. But you’ll have to be quick because applications must be in by October 31.

“Working and living on Herm is a truly unique and challenging opportunity and requires flexibility, a positive attitude, resilience and a customer-focused mindset,” the job ad advises.

“As there are no cars or bicycles on Herm, a good degree of fitness is also advised. The rewards are plentiful if you are hard-working and motivated by small team collaboration, taking responsibility, helping others and delivering a professional service.”

Herm Island is run as a tourist destination where guests can enjoy year-round hospitality, with accommodation including The White House Hotel (pictured below), self-catering cottages and two campsites.

Just 15 minutes by ferry from Guernsey, Herm’s landscape is maintained by a team of trained professionals, and the island also has its own fleet of boats managed by the Marine Services. 

There are approximately 50 permanent staff with year-round roles and an annual recruitment drive to secure an additional 100 seasonal staff.

During low season, staff remaining on the island are involved in winter projects such as decorating and gardening, and working alongside fellow islanders creates lifelong friendships.

To apply for the job, click here. For more information on how to visit Herm, see visitguernsey.com.

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