Computer AI takes on world’s greatest artists in the Faroe Islands

WHAT if the greatest artists ever living had painted the Faroe Islands? That’s the question just put to an AI computer art program – and the results are startling.

The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands this week opens a unique exhibition: the first time ever that it has featured on its walls images created solely by artificial intelligence.

‘/Imagine the Faroe Islands’ showcases pictures in the style of artists ranging from Monet to Matisse, Klimt to Kahlo, Edvard Hopper to Edvard Munch, and more.  The lead image in this post is how Dali might have painted the islands.

As Van Gogh might have painted the Faroes

They’re all uncannily authentic-looking after the program analysed billions of brush strokes across a huge range of paintings and pictures, learning the styles of the artists.

In the style of Andy Warhol

The technology at the heart of the exhibition – Midjourney’s brand-new AI platform – was posed a simple question: “What if the greatest artists ever living had painted the Faroe Islands?” 

As Matisse might have seen it

Due to the islands’ remote location – they’re 200 miles north of Scotland, to the west of Norway and to the east of Iceland – most of the greatest artists never had the opportunity to visit.

With a hint of Munch’s famous Scream

However, artificial intelligence can now, for the first time, give us an idea of how they might have painted the dramatic landscapes and iconic hallmarks of the Faroes.

An Edvard Hopper take by the AI

“When I first heard of AI and MidJourney, and how it was possible to create new pictures just as individual artists might themselves have done, I was immediately intrigued,” says Karina Lykke Grand, Director of the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands.

Faroes Frida Kahlo style

“It was fascinating to see how, by giving prompts to the system, you can gain an idea about how, perhaps, Van Gogh or Picasso, having seen the Faroes for themselves, might have recreated the islands on canvas in their own style. 

As Leonor Fini might have found the Faroes

“Normally our exhibitions feature very talented local Faroese artists. But we think that these new possibilities have led to an interesting crossover between technology and art.

AI is on the Monet here

“This is an exhibition that will attract the attention of many people who perhaps wouldn’t normally head for an art gallery.

How Picasso perhaps pictured it

“I think we’ll see a mix of science and technology experts, artists who can’t quite believe what can be created by a machine, and a lot of people who find the concept exciting and who wish to see it in action – and perhaps to try it for themselves.” 

An AI glimpse of Gustav Klimt

The exhibition opens at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands in capital Tórshavn on Thursday September 29 and runs until October 30. See for more information.

Images courtesy of the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands and

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