Dramatic photos of new Iceland volcano snapped by local guide

THESE are the fiery photos of the new Iceland volcanic eruption snapped by local guide Albert Armannsson, who became an internet sensation during his dramatic visits to the last lava flows.

Albert, who streams real time trips on the Heygo platform as well as leading person-to-person tours, took the pictures after a fissure opened in the Meradalir valley, some 20 miles from Reykjavik, on August 3.

Eight months have passed since the last eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which Albert famously visited on a marathon trek last year, and on which I reported here.

Now, it’s happening all over again, and thousands of locals and tourists have made the hike to the site – about a four-hour round trip – to watch the new eruption.

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There are around 30 volcanic systems in Iceland, but much of the activity originates from several frequently erupting volcanoes, which include Grímsvötn, Hekla and Katla.

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International travellers will recall the 2010 eruption of the country’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which spewed huge ash clouds into the atmosphere, grounding air traffic and leaving millions stranded.

The volcanoes are monitored by the daily aviation map, which colour codes risk from grey to red. As of this morning the new eruption was coded orange, denoting an eruption is underway but with no, or minor, ash emission.

Albert plans more treks to the new eruption site. Check in at his Heygo channel to see what’s on offer and when. All Heygo trips are free to join, although tips – typically from £5 – are encouraged.

Trips feature live chat with the guide and other travellers, the ability to take souvenir ‘postcard’ pictures at the click of a button, and an interactive map.

My thanks to Albert for his permission to feature his photographs in this post.

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