Saturday Snapshot: Mont Orgueil, Jersey

NOW here’s a right royal bunch – the kings and queens of the Middle Ages in a remarkable family tree that’s one of many surprises at the landmark Mont Orgueil fortress on the Channel isle of Jersey.

Medieval Monarchy: The Tree Of Succession is metal sculpture by artist Brian Fell which collects together dozens of royal rulers, and forms part of the contemporary catalogue of modern art at the castle on the island’s east coast.

In other rooms you’ll find chained prisoners, a huge dragon, and a grisly wounded man, the latter an artwork which shows pretty much all the ways injuries in Medieval battle led to death.

There’s a hologram portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a medical wheel of urine (with small bottles containing variously coloured samples), and many more oddities.

The castle stands vigil over the small fishing port of Gorey and is reckoned to be one of the best examples of a Medieval castle still standing today.

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