Saturday Snapshot: Herdal Summer Farm, Norway

LOOK around you and it is as if you have stepped back in time because little has changed for hundreds of years up here on the farm nestled in the mountains.

The idyllic Herdal Mountain Summer farm in Norddal has operated without a break for 300 years, and can trace its heritage even further back to the Middle Ages.

With several hundred goats, it is one of Norway’s largest mountain summer farms, and there are also cows, sheep and fjord horses roaming around the World Heritage Site.

More than 30 old buildings are gathered in a cluster here, and old traditions are kept alive – try the brown and white goat cheese and gorgeous goat’s milk caramels!

A café housed in a renovated barn serves foods such as rjomegraut (sour cream porridge), cured ham and kid. Overnight accommodation is also available in one of the old buildings.

I visited back in 2019 and spent half the day just walking round the farm, meeting the animals and chatting with the family who look after the place amid such a splendid scenic setting.

It’s not far from Geiranger, and I was with a group of travel writers and bloggers getting a sneak preview of shore excursions set to be offered from P&O Cruises’ newest ship Iona.

Oh, and here it is in colour. I led the post with a monochrome version of the image because it reflects just how this remarkable place has a real sense of history.

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