Go Westie: world’s biggest puppy gets Spanish makeover

HE’LL be all white come the summer – but when you’re the biggest puppy in the world you have to take the lead and look your best.

More than 40ft tall, the West Highland Terrier graces the grounds of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

And Puppy has just been given a bloomin’ new coat to mark his 25th birthday – it has all of 38,000 plants in it.

The Guggenheim has just unveiled the new look after completing a change in flowers with a difference.

The transformation takes place twice a year, but this time artist Jeff Koons has moved away from the usual spots of colour.

Puppy’s usual multi-coloured coat

This season, Puppy will be predominantly white, although some coloured flowers will highlight his outline and texture.

Given that the plants take a few weeks to blossom, the new image will be in full bloom later in the season.

Once it is, the new mono design will make Puppy resemble the breed he represents even more.

Pic: Christopher Walker, Krakow, Poland

Jeff Koons says: “My original concept for Puppy was based on a white terrier, so our spring planting is a harmonious composition of mainly white flowers in the spirit of the original model.”

For gardeners out there, the sculpture will be wearing mainly white petunias, begonias, dimorphothecas, alyssum and impatiens.

Sculpture mages courtesy Guggenheim Museoa Bilbao. Lead image: Erika Ede. For latest exhibitions see www.guggenheim-bilbao.eus/en

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