Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus opening date announced

AVENGERS assemble – in Paris! Disneyland Paris has finally revealed the opening date for the much-anticipated Avengers Campus, the first Marvel-themed universe in Europe.

The huge new area will open in Walt Disney Studios Park on July 20 this year, and is said to be the most ambitious transformation and expansion of the Studios Park since its opening.

Marvel fans will lap up surprise live-action stunts, heroic encounters with Marvel heroes, two new action-packed attractions, themed restaurants and, of course, a merchandise shop.

The storyline is that Avengers Campus has been created by Tony Stark himself to discover, recruit and train the next generation of Superheroes – and that’s where we all come in.

Recruits will walk alongside the likes of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Black Widow, Thor, Loki and other characters from the MCU franchise.

They’ll fly with Iron Man and Captain Marvel in Avengers Assemble Flight Force, and help Spider-Man capture out-of-control Spider-Bots in Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure.

There’ll be the chance to train with Black Panther’s Dora Milaje warriors from Wakanda, take part in a dance-off with the Guardians of the Galaxy and see a new Avengers battle vehicle and quinjet.

Opening as part of the 30th anniversary celebration of Disneyland Paris, Marvel Avengers Campus is the next key milestone in Walt Disney Studios Park transformation plan.

It follows the makeover that transformed the old Hotel New York in to Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, packed with original Marvel artwork, full theming and photo opps galore.

Meanwhile, work continues at the resort on the creation of Arendelle – a new area themed on the Frozen movies.

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