Opening date announced for Drayton Manor Vikings rides

THE Vikings are coming – and sooner than you might think. Drayton Manor theme park is to open its new Vikings area attractions a week on Saturday.

Rides themed on the likes of Thor and Loki will officially launch on May 28, just in time for the school half term holiday, boosting the Staffordshire resort’s family fun offering.

Guests are promised “unforgettable adventures inspired by mythical legends and ancient gods” with the Norse theme extending not only to rides but also to entertainment and catering.

Park bosses say they have come up with “an immersive voyage through Norse history with the rhythmic sound of Viking chants, traditional wooden gates with shields, swords and axes.”

We’re told there will be Viking-themed entertainment during peak times as well as the chance to experience new rides and attractions for the first time.

Ride aficionados will finally have the chance to board Loki – the UK’s first Zamperla Nebulaz – boasting eight gondolas and four arms rotating in a fast-intermeshing orbit.

The gondolas at the end of the arms always remain upright, and riders catch air as they fly over the top of the ride.

The movement is like a visual riddle that’s as impressive to watch as it is to ride. The arms swing about horizontal axes in a circular motion while the central tower rotates around itself.

Also among eagerly awaited new rides is Thor, a vibrant Disk ‘O Coaster inspired by the god of thunder, sending guests spinning in a giant wheel across a racing coaster track.

For a calmer ride, Jormungandr is a family-friendly ride that’s a re-imagination of the park’s popular Buffalo Coaster, which takes guests along a mostly level raised track with views of the lake.

And for younger kids, the new Sleipnir attraction will take riders on a horseback ride around a circular track, based on the legend of the ancient Viking mythical horse.

Alongside the rides will be a Walhalla eatery, serving up hot food from a barbecue pit. Meanwhile, families can extend the fun, with ten brand-new Vikings-themed rooms at the onsite four-star hotel.

Managing Director at Drayton Manor Resort, Victoria Lynn, says: “We know so many guests have been waiting for the official launch date announcement, and we can’t wait to welcome them.”

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