Flying over the French Ardennes – without a plane

THE Ardennes region of France is known for its scenic splendour, from river valleys to deciduous and pine forests – but there’s an adrenaline rush awaiting thrill-seekers too.

Because at Fumay, nestling by the River Meuse in the heart of the regional nature park, you’ll find the longest Tyrolean zip wire in Europe.

It’s all of 1,200 metres long and 110 metres high.

At the aptly named TerrAltitude Adventure Park, riders on the Fantasticable® wire reach speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour (that’s over 62 mph) high up over the Meuse. 

And that’s just the icing on the cake. In total, the park boasts 108 acrobatic circuits over five hectares, including bungee leaps, high wire walking and catapult jumps.

You enter the park on a footbridge leading to the reception area and out into a former quarry, where the zip wire is sited on the highest point of the park.

After being driven up to the launchpad, there’s a safety briefing, you’re securely buckled in, you’re off, the countryside far below.

Adrenaline apart, there’s something for everyone, adults and children alike, with forest trails offering easier challenges, although they’re peppered with obstacles to overcome.

Whichever you choose, take time out to take photographs, listen to the wind in the trees and breathe in the Ardennes air. For more info about the park head to, and for tourism attractions and advice see

Images courtesy of Terraltitude Adventure Park, Ardennes

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