World’s scariest diving contest heads out on world tour

DAREDEVIL doesn’t even begin to cover it. This is the scary but sensational sport that beggars belief – and it’s heading out on world tour in a few weeks time.

We’re all used to Red Bull’s involvement in Formula 1 motor racing; we’ve thrilled to the Air Race; we’ve even laughed along with the Soap Box Races. But this is another level.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series pits the world’s bravest divers against each other in destinations worldwide that can guarantee jaw-dropping spectacle.

High-flying drama? Check. Dizzying aerial acrobatics? Check. Tense title fights. Check. Iconic backdrops? Yep, they’ve got them all lined up too, from Sisikon to Sydney.

The tour has acted as a feast of sight-seeing tour over its past 12 seasons, and this year will be no exception.

Returning to Boston for the first time in nine years, it kicks off in June. Then it’s on to Paris, Copenhagen, Oslo, Mostar, Sisikon, Polignano and finally Sydney in October.

Free-falling from up to 27m (88ft-plus) at speeds of 50mph is tough. Then add the fact that you’ll be judged on aerial acrobatics on the way down, and it has all the ingredients for real drama.

Twelve men and 12 women compete at every stop, each earning championship points until, at the end of the season, winners are awarded the coveted King Kahekili trophies.

Although the World Series has only been in existence for 12 seasons, the sport originated in Hawaii, when King Kahekili first leaped from the holy cliffs of Kaunolo in the 1700s.

To keep up to date with news from the tour, dive in to the event website.

Images courtesy of Romina Amato, Red Bull Content Pool.

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