Saturday Snapshot: Jodrell Bank, Cheshire

NO, YOUR eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is indeed the iconic Jodrell Bank radio telescope in the middle of the Cheshire countryside here in the UK.

Just not as you usually get to see it.

I took the shot back in July 2011 when the Jodrell Bank site hosted the Transmission 001 rock festival headlined by The Flaming Lips and support bands including British Sea Power.

Taken during Wayne Coyne & Co’s headlining set, the brightly coloured balloons shone against the night sky, while images were projected on to the telescope bowl itself.

And, of course, here’s how you usually see the radio telescope. You can learn all about the amazing place, and plan your own visit, at

These days the festival is known as Bluedot, and this year is headed by Groove Armada, Bjork, and Mogwai from July 21 to 24. Check out not just the music acts but also all manner of family activities over the three days at

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