Explordle game does for travel what Wordle does for vocabulary

TRAWL social media and it seems like everyone on the planet is playing Wordle, trying to guess the daily five-letter word puzzle.

But where on Earth are you playing? How good is your geography, how true your travel skills? How fine is your eye for detail?

Those are the questions lesser-known Explordle asks.

It’s an online travel game that has much in common with the boom in live streamed tours and trips on sites such as Heygo and Viewpal.

What you get is a video clip, filmed in the first person, by someone strolling through a city or in a notable landmark area.

The challenge is to guess the destination from multiple choice answers, each correct solution leading you to a deeper dive.

In the Daily Adventure, for example, guess first the continent, then the country and finally the city in question.

Then you can share your success just like you can in Wordle.

Alternatively a menu offers a series of videos sorted into categories by country or by theme, such as monuments for example. There’s also a random video generator to really test your powers of observation.

Look for shop names and street signs for language pointers; clothing and costume offer hints: check the climate.

Last , but not least, you can submit your own videos for potential inclusion in the game. So you could see your own travels sometime soon.

Dive in at Explordle.com

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