Remote island gravestone marks James Bond’s final resting place

UNLESS you’ve been living on another planet, you already know that it was, after all, time to die. Daniel Craig’s 007 swansong ended with the explosive death of Bond, James Bond.

Now, to commemorate No Time to Die’s heart-stopping ending, the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands has unveiled a gravestone for Ian Fleming’s revered Secret Service agent.

The sparse, rugged landscape of The Faroe Islands was one of the most remote Bond locations yet, and it was here that Bond died, defending the world (and particularly his lover and daughter) from weaponised DNA being cultured in an underground laboratory complex.

Filmed on Kalsoy – one of the archipelago’s 18 islands in the wild North Atlantic – there is little here besides the dramatic scenery, stretching across 18km, with just four villages and around 150 inhabitants. There are more sheep than humans throughout the Faroes.

Due to its twisting roads and deep valleys, the gravestone had to be transported on to the island via helicopter, and has been erected next to the stunningly-positioned Kallur Lighthouse.

The idea for the gravestone came from Johannus Kallsgard, a 27-year-old local sheep farmer based in the tiny village of Trollanes, near the island’s northern tip. 

Described in the movie credits as ‘The King of Kalsoy’, Johannus was the location co-ordinator, integral in finding the filming spot, guiding those who wanted to climb to the lighthouse, and co-ordinating the movement of equipment.

The gravestone was crafted by local company Foroya Grotvirki, based on the island of Sandoy, and will be included in James Bond sightseeing tours, which currently start from around £313 per person.

The price includes a tour of the film locations, including the scene of the frantic finale, with a guide, plus ferry crossing, hiking and boat trip. See here for more details.

Daily flights to the Faroe Islands (via Edinburgh or Copenhagen) operate year-round and cost from £200 pp return. Visit for further information. And for tourism and travel advice head to

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