Saturday Snapshot: Milford Sound, New Zealand

THOUGHT I’d start posting some favourite photos from my travels over the years – and I wanted to start with a less obvious destination shot that I love.

We were cruising majestic Milford Sound off New Zealand’s South Island in 2015 when our boat edged ever closer into a waterfall cascading down the side of a cliff.

The splashing water and spray created an otherworldly atmosphere which contrasts nicely with some of my fellow passengers making memories, each in their own way.

Whether in quiet contemplation or conversation, taking selfies or having their picture taken, sharing the spectacle with a young child then scurrying back to safety, nobody here will forget the day.

Milford Sound is a fjord which forms part of the Fiordland National Park and is a World Heritage Site which was named the world’s top travel destination by Tripadvisor users in 2008.

Rudyard Kipling famous called it “the eighth wonder of the world” and it is a must on any New Zealand bucketlist itinerary. We stayed in Te Anau, where we left the car and travelled to the Sound by coach.

There are spectacular sights round every corner, and through every tunnel, along the route and to take them all in, you won’t want to have to concentrate on the long and winding road. Trust me.

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