Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a happy, healthy New Year

WELL, it’s that time again. And while life may be very different just now, the dream is still the same: a little peace, love and understanding everywhere.

So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a happy and healthy New Year to you all. Thank you for visiting the blog this year, and taking an interest in travel.

The image above is of my grandsons around the tree during a family Christmas we spent together at Center Parcs near England’s Sherwood Forest a few years ago.

Sadly, it’s not been possible to enjoy family festivities tomorrow because of the pandemic, and I know many of you may be in the same situation.

So let’s look forward to 2022, to travels both real and virtual, and to catching up.

Happy trails to you until we meet again. Happy trails to you. Keep smiling until then.

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