Ed Sheeran, God, Kylie and Facebook – 10 best bonkers tourism ads

THE brilliant Mark Zuckerberg-spoofing video from Icelandic tourism chiefs is rightly making headlines around the world, which means it’s working well.

But it’s not the first official tourism video to poke fun at the famous, and at the quirks and qualities of the destinations featured.

Here are 10 of my favourites, including the Icelandverse newcomer.

Three years ago, when New Zealand was mistakenly left off a number of maps, the tourism bureau responded with this cracking conspiracy thriller.

And, yes, that was New Zealand Premier Jacinda Ardern.

Earlier this year, they were at it again with a brilliantly bonkers ad aimed at enticing Australian tourists back after the pandemic. Giant kiwi anyone?

Not to be outdone, the Aussies are pretty good at the fame game, too. Last year, they enlisted Kylie, Shane Warne, Ian Thorpe and Adam Hills for a superbly silly singalong.

Meanwhile, back in Iceland, here’s the current spoofing of the Facebook founder’s plans for a joined-up Metaverse.

Life was a bit simpler four years ago. Back then Iceland wanted us all to join in the hardest karaoke song in the world, and come visit the sights.

And if all that was a bit too tough, then all you have to do is let it out and scream…

Someone surprisingly screaming in frustration is tennis ace Roger Federer in the Swiss tourism industry’s ‘No Drama’ video. Listen for an f-bomb from Robert de Niro, no less.

We can do it here in England, by the way. Visit England brought in some very familiar faces for this 2012 ad to woo tourists in the year of the London Olympics.

Another current ad, which I reported on recently, is this Christmas cracker from Vilnius, who roped in a choir in an effort to explain where the city actually is.

Last, but not least, back to New Zealand where they really wheeled out the big guns for this 2010 ad. They don’t come bigger than God…

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