Sensational sunset over Gran Canaria sand dunes tonight

THERE was a sensational sunset over Gran Canaria’s Dunas da Maspalomas just now, casting long shadows and painting the rippled sands in a glorious glow.

These picture postcards scenes were captured remotely during a live-streamed tour by guide Stephan van der Meer on the heygo platform as he climbed the dunes in the south of the island

Stephan, usually guiding heygo travellers around Amsterdam and other Netherlands locations, is on a working vacation in the Canary Islands and wanted to capture the sunset scenes.

As he walked across the sand, phone camera and gimbal in hand, he cast a giant shadow, stretching out across the dunes.

The desert-like scenes have been used in the past for film locations, and lead down to beaches, including a naturist zone.

As the sun sank further towards the horizon, the patterns in the shifting dunes were brought into sharper relief.

Overhead, the cloud were transformed into burnished gold and burnt orange by the sunset.

At times it looked like a shot straight out of Lawrence of Arabia or some other movie set in the Sahara.

Heygo offers free to join live-streamed tours with local expert guides, including live chat with the guides and fellow travellers.

There’s a live map on which to follow progress, and a ‘postcard’ facility to snap scenes like these from home.

Stephan is revisiting the dunes for another sunset tour at 5.45pm GMT on Monday November 15. See

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