Nobody knows where Vilnius is – quick, hire a choir…

CHRISTMAS is coming in Vilnius – but there’s a problem. Nobody, it seems, apart from those who live there, knows where it is.

Cue a cracker of a television commercial campaign which aims to try to put that sorry state of affairs right.

And as it’s Christmas, of course, you need a choir.

A cheeky remake of Merry Christmas, sung by the city’s municipal choir, Jauna Muzika, challenges myths and misconceptions.

In the video, the choir sings out places you might think you’d find Vilnius as the camera captures the city and many of its sights.

The last shot of the video revolves around the 326m Vilnius TV tower – the tallest building in the country, with a restaurant 180m above the ground.

“Christmas in Vilnius: amazing wherever you think it is” is the message from Vilnius City and Go Vilnius, the official tourism and business agency.

The campaign draws inspiration from wacky website “Where Is Vilnius?” where visitors are asked to indicate the location of the city.

The answers are generated into a heat map, showing that Vilnius is mostly considered to be in Finland, Romania, and even Kazakhstan.

Take a look at the website and have a guess here.

Picture: Saulius Ziura

Meanwhile, in a street survey in Berlin last year, passers-by located Vilnius all over Europe – in Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden and England – and even South America.

Inga Romanovskienė, Director at Go Vilnius, says: “Like every year, Vilnius will transform into a winter wonderland for the delight of all the guests and residents, although there’s still some confusion among foreigners over where Vilnius actually is.

“Our campaign endeavours to show that, all confusion aside, our capital has some tricks up its sleeve to make Christmas a truly memorable experience.”

Picture: Saulius Ziura

The Lithuanian capital goes all in: its Christmas trees wow Europe each year, while last year a city initiative saw residents preserve their potted holiday trees and later plant them in a freshly created Christmas Forest.

This festive season, Vilnius will light up its Christmas Tree on November 27, with a Christmas craft  fair, family fun, and ‘far-out’ decorations.

To learn more head to

Picture: Monika Krilaviciene

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