World’s smallest Primark opens in Birmingham – it’s 15 inches tall

THE world’s smallest Primark is opening in Birmingham, the UK city that already has the distinction of hosting the budget brand’s largest store.

While the big store covers 160,000 square feet, the new arrival is just 15 inches tall and 15 inches deep.

That’s because it is made of 2,988 plastic bricks (yes,someone has counted them) at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham.

Despite its diminutive debut, the Miniland model boasts a cafe, beauty salon and 203 items of clothing plus miniature figures actual members of staff.

But the detail doesn’t stop there.

The model also features 12 mannequins, four escalators, two tills and shoppers exiting the store with the brand’s trademark brown paper bags.

The real-life equivalent in Birmingham is the biggest branch on the planet and has also been certified as the world’s largest fashion retail store by Guinness World Records.

Paul Chittim, General Manager for Primark Birmingham says: “I’m incredibly proud to manage the world’s largest Primark and serve the wonderful people of Birmingham, so I am delighted to see the world’s smallest open here too.

“I was a bit worried about running both but thankfully the team at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham have recreated myself and the brilliant Birmingham Primark team in minifigure form so I know the store will be good hands.”

Amy Langham, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham’s General Manager, said: “We cannot wait to cut the ribbon of the world’s smallest Primark in our attraction’s Miniland. Our Master Model Builder, Michelle has done an amazing job at replicating the famous Birmingham store.”

For opening hours and admission prices see

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