They’re on the fiddle again in Venice

TAKE a bow, Venice. During festival time we’ve seen all manner of splendid craft sailing along the Grand Canal.

But this one really makes you sit up and take note. It’s a giant violin and, yes, it floats.

Noah’s Violin set sail on Saturday morning, carrying a string quartet playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Escorted by some of the city’s famous gondolas, it immediately attracted a flotilla of motorboats, small craft and water taxis.

The violin took an hour-long cruise from City Hall, near the Rialto Bridge, to the Customs House facing Piazza San Marco.

Venetian artist Livio De Marchi dreamed up the craft during lockdown and city artisans made it a reality.

It is a replica of a real violin, made from a dozen different woods, with space inside for a motor, and it has been certified seaworthy.

De Marchi, who has previously sent a giant shoe and an origami hat to sea, says it is a “sign of Venice restarting.”

He named it after Noah’s Ark because he sees it as bringing a message of hope after a storm.

And the sound of travel starting to open up again is surely music to all our ears.

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