Is this the most mind-boggling attraction in the world?

THE future’s so bright you’ve got to wear shades. That’s the case, quite literally, at a mind-bending new attraction in New York.

Visitors to Summit One Vanderbilt, which opens next month, are warned: “Make sure to bring your sunglasses!”

That’s because the sheer amount of glass and mirrors in “the world’s most immersive observatory” makes for a dazzling day out.

You may need to pause and take your bearings, too, because the attraction, which sits high on a 1,401-foot tall tower, messes with your mind.

You’ve seen the trailer for the new Matrix movie? Well, it’s got nothing on this. Neo, eat your heart out.

Across three levels – the 91st to the 93rd floor of One Vanderbilt – Summit is a kaleidoscope of mirrors, reflective panels and the occasional terrifying sheer drop.

Your visit starts in a glass elevator, appropriately called Ascent, which shoots you up to 1,200 feet above street level. It takes all of a minute to get there.

There, visitors journey through areas labelled Air, Transcendence, Affinity and Unity. Then, for daredevils, there are see-through boxes that jut out, with vertiginous views down to Madison Avenue.

The attraction, at 42 E 42nd Street, is the work of artist Kenzo Digital who, we are told “specialises in creating mind-bending, resonant and emotionally powerful stories in physical space.”

At night the place is transformed with waves of colour pulsing through the mirrored walls, creating an entirely different atmosphere.

Apart from the shades, there is one other word of warning.

“Please dress appropriately to avoid unwanted exposure on glass and mirrored floors,” advise the owners. “We recommend wearing pants, shorts or tights when possible.”

Summit One Vanderbilt isn’t the loftiest viewpoint in the Big Apple. One World Trade Center (1,250ft) is higher, for example. And Edge at 30 Hudson Yards (1,100ft) gives it a run for its money.

But nothing quite matches the sense of unreality created by all the mirrored views. You’ll question what is up, and which way is down. At some points you may even feel like you’re floating in a huge fish tank.

It opens to the public on October 21 but tickets are already on sale from $39 (£28.50) adult and $33 (£24) youth (aged 6-12). Book, and learn more, at

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