Airline offers free kids language lessons at 35,000 feet

AS we start to fly again, and pandemic travel restrictions begin to ease, a UK airline is offering kids language lessons at 35,000 feet.

easyJet has launched an onboard learning programme in partnership with the Mizzi Mozzi series of children’s books.

The books already have a reputation for offering a user-friendly introduction to 16 languages including the European staples and others from Mandarin to Malay.

All 300 easyJet aircraft have been loaded with free introductory seatback access to 84 titles in seven European languages to help families pick up a new lingo.

The language lessons are initially French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Greek and English.

It comes as a survey shows 82% of British parents are concerned that their children have missed out on new cultures, experiences and languages as a result of the pandemic.

A lack of exposure to foreign languages ranked highest on parents’ concerns as 90% of those surveyed believe being able speak a second language is vital to child development.

easyJet polled 2,000 parents with children under the age of 18, before introducing the new in-flight learning initiative.

Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO, says: “easyJet is excited to be taking as many families as we can on that long-awaited family holiday this summer.

“Kids around Europe have missed out on so much in the past 18 months, including learning about different cultures and languages whilst visiting foreign places.

“We know travel has the power to inspire and provide rewarding and memorable experiences for children of all ages so we are thrilled to team up with Mizzi Mozzi and Nebra Sky to introduce new, interactive ways for our customers to spend their time onboard with us.”

easyJet is offering the first two books of the new Mizzi Mozzi digital series for free. Passengers scan a QR code on the seatback before take-off, download the app for free, choose the language they would like to discover and download the selected books.

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