Watch the final moments of brave Bob, the volcano webcam

HE PUT up a brave fight – but in the end brave Bob paid the ultimate sacrifice. The trusty webcam melted.

After monitoring the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland since it first erupted last month, time finally ran out for BOBcam.

The opening of a third vent on Monday resulted in restrictions on volcano watchers, as the Icelandic Department of Emergency Management called on hikers and tourists to leave the area.

It described the order as a precautionary measure, saying there was no imminent danger to life due to the fissure’s current distance from hiking paths.

More of concern was the hundreds of people turning up to snap photos and watch the phenomenon up close, some even cooking sausages on the hot lava.

The safest way to watch the volcano is via the other official webcams or on a live streamed virtual tour, such as those offered by Icelandic tour guide Sigurður Albert Armannsson on

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