Watch giant pyro platform being built for new Disney spectacular

DISNEY special effects wizards are stepping up work on a worldwide celebration of music that will be an EPCOT showstopper.

The Harmonious spectacular at Orlando’s Walt Disney World will include music specially recorded by a wide array of artists in studios around the world.

That will then provide the soundtrack to a huge fireworks and water fountain show out on the lake in one of the biggest projects of its kind at a Disney park.

In preparation for the show, five state of the art platforms have been built, and will be floated out into the World Showcase Lagoon.

Watch them being made in this video posted by WDW executive Zach Riddley on the Disney Parks blog.

“EPCOT has always been a special place where the world comes together to celebrate human achievement,” says Zach. “Nothing has embodied this spirit more over the years than the park’s line-up of original nighttime spectaculars.

“Although we have not yet determined when our next spectacular will debut, our Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Live Entertainment teams are hard at work building on that legacy with Harmonious.

“This grand, original spectacular is a tribute to the power of story and song that unite us, leveraging music and visuals from across Disney and artists around the world.

“Disney Live Entertainment technical designers across the country have been programming various elements of the show, from media and fountains to lighting and pyrotechnics, working in a completely virtual environment.

“Our music producers at Walt Disney Imagineering have been remotely directing recording sessions with an incredibly diverse array of musical artists, performing in studios around the world.

“Once complete, Harmonious will be one of the largest nighttime spectaculars we’ve ever produced.

“We’re busy setting the stage, preparing each of the show’s five floating platforms to take its place on World Showcase Lagoon.

“Positioned like a compass, these platforms house the primary show equipment for Harmonious, and on the recently placed centre platform stands a six-storey-tall central ring structure, supporting a high-density water curtain, moving lights, fountains and more.”

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