Mexican Venice is village isolated on own tiny island

THEY call it Mexico’s Venice – a magical Mexican village set on its own tiny island, and which you reach by canoe.

These beautiful pictures show Mexcaltitán in Riviera Nayarit, the country’s most recently minted “Magical Town”.

It’s an official recognition for select villages that have preserved their cultural and historic richness.

Shrouded in mystical and magical history, the island is deep-rooted in ancient Aztec history and some historians believe it be the birthplace of modern-day Mexico. 

Over time it has been popularly known as the “Mexican Venice” because  high water levels can flood the streets.

The village accordingly has high pavements that allow pedestrians to get about even when the waters rise.

You’ll find no cars here. A canoe ride around the island takes about 30 minutes, passing traditionally colourful Mexican houses and street art.

It’s one to add to any bucketlist of memorable travel musts.

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