Where to get (really) high in Denmark

IT rises from the forest like something out of Lord of the Rings or Avatar. A wooden spiral stretching up almost 150ft into the sky, it gives a whole new meaning to a gentle walk in the woods.

And Scandinavia’s most towering tourist attraction is on the up in more ways than one, keeping open during the Covid calamity.

Camp Adventure’s Forest Tower is unique. There is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.

Its owners say “it creates a unique opportunity to take a walk above the treetops and experience the stunning nature of the preserved forest from another perspective.

“The tower and treetop walk is a seamless continuous ramp that makes the forest accessible to all, regardless of their physical condition.”

It is the showpiece of a woodland walkway called the Treetop Experience at Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, an hour south of Copehnagen.

The spiral walkway is split into two routes – the high route passes through the oldest part of the forest, while the low route and tower are in the younger areas.

The main structure is made from corten steel, its reddish brown colour fitting well with the colors of the forest. The oak boards on the ramp are made from local South Zealand oak trees from the Bregentved and Gisselfeld Estates.

7,750 boards in the ramp

710 yards to the top

600 tonnes in weight

147 foot tall

12 circles in the spiral

1 only one of its kind

Forest Tower In Numbers

From the top you can enjoy a bird’s eye view out over the trees for 25km and, on a clear day, see Øresund Bridge, Turning Torso in Malmö, and parts of the Copenhagen skyline.

Designed by Effekt Architecture, the walkway to the top is wide, making it accessible, and it may just be the most gradual and peaceful way to get over your fear of heights.

Again, the attractions owners are eager to stress their green credentials. All the timber used has come from sustainable woodland, and “it will provide new perspectives, understanding and learning about nature. From the forest floor to the tree crowns, the trees can be studied and experienced very close and at eye level.

“It is a nature experience that does not exist elsewhere.”

But don’t relax too long. Camp Adventure stretches more than the imagination.

There are several climbing routes through the surrounding forest, designed to offer both mental and physical challenges.

Beginner courses will have you just 1.5 metres up if you suffer from a fear of heights. But if you’re looking for more of a challenge, then there’s something for everyone, culminating in a 25m ascent for those with stamina and courage.

Safety is paramount, using the latest equipment and with training by expert instructors.

Most guests typically spend around four hours climbing, so add in the trek to the top of the tower, and you can have a full day out in beautilful countryside. Pause in the beech wood near the climbing courses, or in the courtyard of the old renovated farmhouse by the little lake, for a well-earned breather.

* Tickets to the tower can be purchased online, and cost £18 for over-7s, £7.80 for those aged 3-6 and under-2s get in free. Climbing Park prices are £39 (15+), £27 (7-14) and £15 (3-6 years).

* You can visit both attractions for £51 (adult), £39 (child aged 7-14) and £18 (ages 3-6).

* Visit www.campadventure.dk/en. For more on Copenhagen’s many attractions head to http://www.visitcopenhagen.com.


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